Wasp and Hornet Control Maine

Wasp and Hornet Control Maine

Don’t let these winged terrors rule your yard this year!  When you hear that telltale buzzing or see the paper nests start to form it is time to call Green Pest Defense.  Whether it is spring time and the nests are just being built or it is fall and they begin invading your home looking for a place to spend the winter it is never too late to call.

Wasps and Hornets pose a very real threat with their aggressive and territorial behavior.  Even if you are not allergic to their sting the sheer volume of attacks can overwhelm people.  Please call a professional when dealing with any nests.  We have the proper protective gear and training to assess and properly handle the situation.

*Please note we do not treat for Honey Bees.  If a Honey Bee nest is identified we will assist you in contacting a local beekeeper for extraction.


Our Programs

     Complete Home Defense

If ongoing protection is your desire then ask about our Complete Home Defense program.  The first service will stop the current threat and then every three months we will return to reestablish preventative barriers.  These measures make sure that future wasps and hornets can not survive to establish nests on your home.  As a bonus we also cover other common household invaders in our Complete Home Defense program.  Carpenter Ants, Small Ants, Mice and Fleas are just some of the other pests we will defend against.

     Targeted Defense

With our Targeted Defense program we will perform a one time treatment that will eliminate the current Wasp or Hornet threat. We will treat each nest and remove those that are possible. All Targeted Defense treatments are guaranteed for 60 days.