Rodent Control Maine

Rodent Control Maine

Unexplained noises in your walls? Unwelcome visitors chewing through your food packaging? Is there only one or an entire nest?

No home is safe from mice.  A mouse can enter a hole as small as a number 2 pencil and will quickly procreate with a gestation period of around 20 days.  Mice pose a very real risk to your safety.  These rodents will chew electrical wires which can cause damage up to and including structure fires. Mice are also incontinent which means anytime you see them scurry across your kitchen there is a good chance they left behind a trail of urine and/or feces.  Rodent droppings are a common carrier of Salmonella which can cause humans to fall extremely ill.

In the last few years Hantavirus has also been identified in Maine.  This respiratory illness is spread by rodents and has a fatality rate of 30-40%.  We highly recommend that you sanitize all surfaces that may have come in contact with rodents once we have eliminated the population.  Green Pest Defense takes care to clean and sanitize all equipment we place in your home to protect the health of you and your family.


Our Programs

     Complete Home Defense

If ongoing protection is your desire then ask about our Complete Home Defense program.  The first service will stop the current threat and then every three months we will return to re-bait stations and block rodent access points.  These measures work to prevent rodents from accessing your home.  In the event they do get in we will have stations in place to eliminate them before they can pose a risk to your family.  As a bonus we also cover other common household invaders in our Complete Home Defense program.  Carpenter Ants, Small Ants, Wasps, Hornets and Fleas are just some of the other pests we will defend against.

     Targeted Defense

With our Targeted Defense program we will perform a one time treatment that will eliminate the current rodent population. We will setup multiple stations to capture or bait mice and rats. The Targeted Defense program cannot prevent future infestation but we will guarantee your home to be rodent free for 60 days.