Flea Control Maine

Flea Control Maine

Fleas are a common source of frustration for people all over Maine. Whether you have pets or not your home can be invaded by the bounding blood suckers. Flea bombs and over the counter materials will only lead to temporary relief. For lasting results you want professional treatment that will not only kill the current population but attack the next when eggs begin hatching.

If you are serious about flea control you want to have any pets treated by a professional at the same time your home is being treated. If you don’t have pets but are being overrun with fleas you may have an undetected rodent problem. Call us today for results!

Our Programs

     Complete Home Defense

If ongoing protection is your desire then ask about our Complete Home Defense program.  The first service will stop the current threat and then every three months we will return to reestablish preventative barriers.  These measures allow us to remain proactive in regards to controlling pest populations.  As a bonus we also cover other common household invaders in our Complete Home Defense program. Wasps, Hornets, Carpenter Ants and Mice  are just some of the other pests we will defend against.

     Targeted Defense

With our Targeted Defense program we will perform a one time treatment that will eliminate the current Carpenter Ant threat. A combination of materials will not only kill foragers but also eliminate the nest when workers take the bait back home. All Targeted Defense treatments are guaranteed for 60 days.