Carpenter Ant Control Maine

Carpenter Ant Control Maine

Carpenter Ants in Maine are a common threat to residential and commercial structures.  Often identified by the large black workers, this species does not actually eat wood but likes to create expansive nests within it.  Carpenter Ants can cause thousands of dollars in structural damage before you are even aware they are within your home.  Whether you are seeing a single forager or thousands of winged ants give Green Pest Defense a call and we can stop this threat to your home.


Our Programs

     Complete Home Defense

If ongoing protection is your desire then ask about our Complete Home Defense program.  The first service will stop the current threat and then every three months we will return to reestablish preventative barriers.  These measures make sure that future Carpenter Ant foragers do not pick up old pheromone trails and establish new colonies in your home.  As a bonus we also cover other common household invaders in our Complete Home Defense program. Wasps, Hornets, Small Ants, Mice and Fleas are just some of the other pests we will defend against.

     Targeted Defense

With our Targeted Defense program we will perform a one time treatment that will eliminate the current Carpenter Ant threat. A combination of materials will not only kill foragers but also eliminate the nest when workers take the bait back home. All Targeted Defense treatments are guaranteed for 60 days.