Bed Bug Control Maine

Bed Bug Control Maine

The issue of Bed Bugs has taken the pest control industry by storm over the last decade with everyone from home owners to hotel chains battling these pests.  Just because they are becoming more common does not mean you need to live with them.  With proper preparation and thorough treatment bed bug control can be obtained and you can go back to sleeping soundly at night.

Just the thought of Bed Bugs can make your skin crawl and cost your a good night’s sleep so arm yourself with knowledge. Read below for more information and some preventative tips. If all else fails and you find yourself cohabiting with these little blood suckers give us a call. With your cooperation there is no bed bug infestation that we can’t control.

Things to Know

  • Bed Bugs do not carry any known diseases that can be transmitted to humans.
  • At roughly the size of an apple seed adult Bed Bugs are visible to the naked eye.
  • They can go at least a year without feeding so you can not starve them out of your home.
  • Many people do not react to their bites while other will show extreme signs.

Taking Precautions

  • When traveling inspect beds and headboards for sign of bedbugs or their feces. It will be dark brown/red.
  • When returning from a trip place your clothes in a dryer at high heat for 60 minutes
  • Don’t sit on furniture at places you suspect have bedbugs. They can be found in chairs/couches.
  • There are monitoring devices you can purchase to place on the feet of your bed.